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should stevegenie stop hugging his monitor when he reads sad posts

ok its a habit i have,i also send energy to people who need it.
  • no its nice to care,it can't hurt & might do some good
  • yes i don't want to be hugged online
  • even computers need love sometimes
  • eeurgh! i bet you are one of those tree huggers too :')
  • my god you are off your head i hope you practice safe hugging
  • hey can i be a wizard & live in a magic world too


amber-light 02 August 2007, from IP:      Mark comment for deletion
magic rocks man!...*skips off to practice an invisibility spell*
Spidey 20 July 2007, from IP:      Mark comment for deletion
I wanted to tick two boxes, because I definately think it's nice to care, and can do no harm, and I also want to live in a Magical Wizard world :-) "Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfil, An' it harm none, do what ye will." :-)
pearl jam fire 17 July 2007, from IP:      Mark comment for deletion
Ruddy fascist 25th December liking chicken eater.
eliz 27 June 2007, from IP:      Mark comment for deletion
Steve, you're a wizardy legend. xx
Lucy 27 June 2007, from IP:      Mark comment for deletion
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Created: 27.06.2007
Votes: 26
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